Single window Tracking and Traceability Solution


Aviation industry is facing many challenges in terms of safety & security of customer baggage’s & passenger traffic. Industry is trying to give better customer service but in the same time pressure to reduce the operating costs is equally strong. Mishandled baggage, reflects in the increasing passenger numbers and congestion, cost pressures and tougher security regulations, making it more difficult to track & trace the bag,.Travel industry is under constant pressure to streamline the process of passenger travel & airport automation. RFID is an emerging technology that is increasingly being used in business & industry. RFID technology provides enormous economic benefits for both business and consumers. Airline industry is just one of many industries that could benefit from RFID technology.

RFID technology can be used for complete airport automation in the following manner.

  • Airline Baggage Tagging- Baggage of the passengers are attached with the RFID tags containing flight information, destination etc. which can be scanned& the cost of baggage handling & time spent on the same can be saved.
  • Asset Tracking- food trolleys, wheel chairs, which are the assets of airport, are frequentlyfound missing or misplaced in the large vicinity of the airports. By tagging these assets, airports departments can improve the asset availability, save the time in searching, do the on time maintenance & thus customer satisfaction.
  • Entry/Exit Gate Processing- Handling the passengers at the entry & exit gates is a tedious job for the airport departments & also result in long awaited queue that result in a waste of time. By issuing RFID enabled cards to passengers, which will simplify the identification process, thus saving time, cost spent on the same.
  • Airport services- RFID enabled kiosks, vending machines will give the airport retailers help in saving time, speed up transactions & increase sales.
  • Parking Lot Management-Usage of RFID enabled tags on vehicles for entry /exit of the parking lots will help in automatic & fast processing of parking fees, saving cost spent on staff, eliminates manual record keeping, improved service level & customer safety & satisfaction.