Single window Tracking and Traceability Solution


Workers safety is a major issue in mining industry. In the mining area, explosive are setting off so that worker can mine in new area. Location of the mineworkers was tracked manually, so managers would know if all workers were evacuated before blasting began. Due to this time consuming task & manual error, there are more chances of accidents occurring. In mining industry, there are underground vehicles, which are used for transportation like tractors/boggers. Due less visibility, driving through the tunnels there more chances of collision. This will damage not only the vehicle, but also in the down time of idle asset & mineworker safety.

RFID solves all these glitches & provides real time visibility solution to production, asset in mining sector. Installing radio frequency identification (RFID) tags on mining trucks to track the vehicle's movement carrying ore, as a part of the measures to curb transportation of illegal ore in the country.RFID can be used to track miners and ensure they carry safety equipment. It tracks assets & improve efficiency.

  • Ore Tracking- System monitors the ore through the mining process and into the refinery. Tags are read on the conveyor’s belts; the production can be measured and the system picks up where and when the ore was mined.
  • Vehicle Tracking- By placing both an RFID tag and reader on each vehicle, the reader will alert the operator as to when another vehicle is within a predefined range. The reader is located in the cab of the vehicle visible to the operator and contains LED’s as well as an audible horn.
  • When a vehicle, fitted with a receiver, travels underground, the driver receives an audible and then visual signal if a person comes within a pre-programmable distance of the vehicle. The system could also alert the driver to any other potential hazards, for example, a sharp bend ahead or a dangerous area.
  • Mineworker Tracking- A tag is attached to the battery of the worker’s cap lamp and, as it is required by law to wear the cap lamp when underground, there is no room for error. At any time the systems can inform the control room who is at each level and at what time they passed the receiver. All this information is saved on one central server in the control room and is compliant with existing systems.
  • Access Control @ restricted area of Mines- Interrogators installed at gateways and tunnels provide instant and accurate alerts upon tagged personnel moving from one area to the other or entering restricted areas.