Single window Tracking and Traceability Solution


Press Release

 "One of the leading private and oldest bank (more than 150 years) of India did a successful pilot with jusTap! for engaging internal employees for their one premium event. The project has used around 40 smart poster & 4 stands that are equipped with NFC & QR code technology. Also the jusTap! platform helped them to empower their employees to use smart phone on-the-go and manage event effectively in a centralized way."
December 2013
 "NXP India demonstrated jusTap! capability in one of the leading SmartCards Expo 2013, the 15th International Conference and Exhibition of Smart Card Technology, New Delhi. Products were displayed to get a consumer feedback and rate the other product NXP demonstrated."
October 2013
 "jusTap! launches NFC based couponing engine, jusPocket!"
11th April 2013,
 "Cinemax, one of India's leading Movie houses partners with jusTap! to further promote their "Box Office Now in your Pocket" Campaign."
26th November 2012,
 "jusTap! partners with Game4u to launch the first of its kind retail in store experience using NFC"
14th November 2012
 'IAITO INFOTECH, RFID Solar PV Industry Solution get awarded in RFID Journal Live 2011'
21st April 2011
 IAITO and Ennovasys announces a "Fully Integrated Real Time Asset Tracking Kits for IT Industry"
17th April 2008
 New Proficient Products in IAITO’s UHF Range Portfolio
15th December 2007
 IAITO announces variety of product ranges in RFID HF and UHF in Reader Technology
15th December 2007

Media Coverages

 NSTEDB , DST best Incubation companies report. (page 125)
Jan 2014.
 jusTap! Launches jusPocket! NFC Couponing Engine, Mobile Marketing .
April 2013
 India’s Cinemax Deploys NFC Marketing Campaign, Mobile Marketing.
Nov 2012.
 Cinemax Offers NFC option to book Tickets!, Techmagnifier.
Nov 2012
 'Future ID of PV Solar Panel: Through RFID'
Energetica Magazine: March 2011
 'IAITO Obsessed with technology'
IT Magazine : August 2008
 'IAITO Infotech Introduces TRAKTAG' June 2008
 'RFID Products: New Proficient Products In IAITO’s UHF Range Portfolio' : Jan 2008
 'New Proficient Products in IAITO's UHF Range Portfolio Jan 2008' Jan 2008
 'IAITO Introduces RFID Reader Series, External Antenna' : Jan 2008
 'IAITO InfoTech Introduces UHF Readers, Evaluation Kit in India'
RFID Journal: Dec 2007
 'IAITO InfoTech Presents A Variety Of Product Ranges In RFID HF and UHF In Reader Technology' Dec 2007