Single window Tracking and Traceability Solution

Human Resource Management

The people who work for your company, it's human capital, are it's most important asset. Selecting a software platform that increases the value of your companies human capital and delivers benefits, services and opportunities to your workforce, is critical to your companies success

That platform must be able to accurately and reliability process worker transactions, collect decision support information, and communicate between management, workers and outside resources. The Human Resource application (HR App) can provide a backbone for building that platform.

"What aspect of employee focused process do we need to support with HR application?"


  • Manage employee Cost to Company
  • Manage employees continues training
  • Manage company wide skill set pool
  • Project skill set requirements
  • Manage employee loyalty program
  • Manage employee performance and periodic review
  • Identify and Reward employees who have leadership qualities
  • Secure employee data
  • Manage assets checked out by employee for use
  • Manage Agreements like contracts, NDA etc
  • Manage time off application work flow