Single window Tracking and Traceability Solution

PCB Antenna

IAITO’s Micro Strip Antenna is a new approach to fulfill the needs of the user dealing in low range applications. The Antenna performs great with IAITO UHF Readers. The wide frequency band (860-960 MHz) provides it scalability for selection of world wide customers.

The lower cost Competency, Flexibility and Rigidity is the advantages which place it widely acceptable for Industrial users.

Some Key Features & BenefitsApplication Area
 High sensitivity Writing of Tags
 Enterprise-class management and monitoring Financial Sector
 Frequency Supported: 865-867 MHz, 869 MHz, 915 MHz, 950 MHz. Retail Sectors
 Reads multiple tags with a single scan
 Automotive Sectors
 Ideal range: 1m reading and 0.6m writing range. Manufacturing Sectors
Software control flexibility Heavy Industry
Field-upgrade capability Ware House

A Glimpse on Micro Strip Patch Antenna
 Frequency Band:
 860-960 MHz
 Dimension 93x104x1.56
 2.2 - 2.5 dBi
 Polarization Type
 Linearly Polarized
 Impedance 50±0.5 Ohm
 VSWR better than1.5
 Interface Termination Customizable