Single window Tracking and Traceability Solution


With the raise in demand of delivery goods, logistic departments will be in search of transports that deliver the goods accurately on time, safely with the cheaper means of delivery. Customer expectations are going higher each day, putting increasing pressure on workers to meet tighter deadlines. Cost of labors is increasing & sustaining the labors is tiresome work. Traditional methods used in the delivery are less effective thus affecting operations.

All these glitches can be resolved using RFID technology. This tracking technology can increase that level of visibility into an item in the workflow, which is critical to this process. It can dramatically decrease the transit times and increase operational efficiencies.

  • Toll Systems – Vehicles attached with RFID Tags passed through the Toll will makes it easy to pay the Toll charges without manual interruption. Also, vehicles can be tracked through the data embedded in the tags when the vehicle passes through each Toll
  • Public transport access- RFID based smart cards can be used to generate the tickets used in public transport system like bus, train etc by inserting into the automatic ticket vending machines. Vehicle Access Control: Ex: danger zone, Companies/organization restricted are.Allow access only to authorized vehicles (VIP) in restricted areas and keep records of traffic flow can be done using this RFID technology.
  • Parking Management- In any company/organization having parking lot,can be managed using RFID. With the new RFID automated system,company could make sure that unauthorized vehicles do not enter the parking premises, attendants are no longer required, minimizing staffing cost& data accuracy.