Single window Tracking and Traceability Solution

RFID in Mining

In the mines the traceability and identification of operating process have become critical; due to limited technological usage they face large number of challenges. IAITO bring a complete turnkey solution for mines using integrated technology like VTS device (GPS/GPRS), Long range RFID Sensor, CCTV & digital control and monitoring.

It will bring several advantages to mining operation

Prevent pilferage as well as improve operational efficiency of the entire dispatch cycle along with production system.

Improve the automated control of boom barriers with digital record and receipt.

Real time monitoring of the system through remote place.

Enhance the safety of workers and people working around the mines.

Shall improvise adherence to rules of driving by truck drivers and avoid accidents arising out of rash driving, over speeding and overloading of trucks.

VTS Device (GPS / GPRS) based vehicle tracking system

The VTS tracking unit is a device that uses the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of a vehicle and to record the position of the asset at regular interval. The recorded location data can be stored within the tracking unit or it may be transmitted to central location data unit through GPRS modem to Server System.

RFID with CCTV based weighing control and monitoring system

Radio frequency Identification system has tags normally attached to vehicle body or windshield for its identification. Each tag can stores information about the vehicle such as its serial no., registration no., owner’s description, when these tag pass through a field generated by the reader, they transmit this information back to the reader, there by identifying the vehicle.

The RFID reader may install in weighbridge along with boom barrier and traffic signal. The RFID reader reads the truck information through RFID tag after its identification the weighment will get automatically recorded once the process is completed, the traffic signal gives green light and boom barrier will open and the truck will allow passing through the sending weighbridge to receiving weighbridge.

This RFID tag can be issued from the specified office and all relevant information will be written through RFID writer installed at the post.

CCTV based live monitoring

A fixed TCP/IP in LAN or WAN camera can be installed over the platform record the level of coal in the truck. The recording shall be motion sensor based and automatic so that all events related to truck weighment at weighbridge shall be captured and store for 60/90 days at the NVR installed in Area office.

GIS MAP of mines

A GIS Mapping of the area of the mines should indicates the various landmarks such as location of dumps, coal handing plants, weighbridges, washeries, workshops, parking places, etc. between which the vehicles are expected to move and the probable routes. The system has facility to update maps.

Several reporting

  • Route deviation from defined path.
  • Un‐authorized stoppage.
  • Abnormal delay in reaching destination.
  • Total distance travelled report on shift/day/weekly/monthly basis.
  • Several mobile alerts (SMS/email) – Speed, Fence, distance, over speed.

OUR Mining Solution have following-

  • High end UHF RFID Reade
  • Special Mine RFID tags
  • POS system
  • VTS system
  • Boom Barrier
  • Traffic Light
  • Mine Control Software