Single window Tracking and Traceability Solution


In Museums & art galleries, collection of objects moves in/out frequently due to display, research, audit, maintenance etc. keeping track &monitoring of the objects, updating of the ledgers will be done manually.Chances damage to the antiques due to manual handling & theft are more.

In a similar manner, it’s a challenge to properly manage the waste with most efforts being made to reduce the final volume & to generate sufficient funds for waste management. Government faces problems in managing the waste such as stolen inventory like garbage bins, specialty cans, shrinking landfill space. Keeping track of particular garbage trucks to check whether the waste have been picked properly on its root or not is a glitch.

In case of ancient libraries run by government are facing the problem of non-returns & misfiled items, theft, time consuming task of manual shelving, poor inventory accuracy, lack of security control, difficulty in tracing the books & library members.

All the challenges encountered in the different sectors can be resolved using this RFID technology. It improves tracking of the missing objects, significantly reduces the management cost, increases efficiency, productivity & enhances users satisfaction.Due to automated handling, staffs can be utilized properly.