Single window Tracking and Traceability Solution

Linear Polarized Antenna

The UHF RFID Zonal Antenna is a general Linearly polarized patch type and can use with all type of UHF RFID Reader available in the market. The antenna performance is most suitable with IAITO UHF Readers. The frequency band (865~867 MHz) which complies with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of Indian (TRAI)

The lower cost Competency, Flexibility and Rigidity is the advantages which place it widely acceptable for Industrial users.

Application Area
 Transportation Sectors
 Financial Sectors
 Retail Sectors
 Automotive Sectors
 Heavy Industry
 Pharmaceutical Industry
 Software control flexibility
 Logistic & Inventory Management Sectors

A Glimpse on IAITO Zonal Antenna
 Frequency Band:
 865-867 MHz
 Various Mounting Facilities Pole Mounting: Horizontal / Vertical
 10 dBi
 Polarization Type
 Impedance 50 Ohms
 VSWR Better than 1.5
 Interface Termination N-Type (Female) Jack Connector
 Antenna Type Patch
 Environmental Sealing IP 65