Single window Tracking and Traceability Solution


Retailers face the constant demand to have the right items available at the right places in the right quantities. They are facing a problem due to lack of efficient supply chain management. Anon-efficient distribution channel is difficult to handle that results into inefficient process & huge loss.

Change in items trends making it difficult to ultimately predict duration and demand. Ordering too much items translates into more capital expenses & ordering too less can lead to miss opportunities and lost sales. Trained Manpower shortage is a challenge faced by retail sector. Retailers have difficulty in finding trained person and also have to pay more in order to retain them that bring down the profit levels. It is difficult to keep a Track of goodsfrom warehouse to store & keeping stock updates.

Incorporating the RFID technology can reduce the labor requirement in the supply chain of goods, can monitor the good movement & inventory flow. It reduces out of stock situation by increased customer satisfaction.

  • Retail Stores - Implementing RFID along with handheld reader, RFID tags on items & software helps to perform regular in-store inventory counts. It improves the consumer's shopping experience through improved inventory accuracy and merchandise availability. As a result, consumers will find exactly what they are looking for when they are ready to buy. RFID will provide the retailer with improved operational visibility, enabling the retailer to move products from stock rooms to the sales floor at the right time, and to optimize the location of inventory throughout the supply chain and stores.
  • Apparel stores - In apparel stores, items do not stay in one spot. Inventory is constantly on the move between the rack and the dressing room throughout the day, often causing a false out-of-stock situation and a lost sale when the size a customer may need is in the dressing room waiting to be re-stocked. And keeping an accurate inventory is difficult and costly. Employee equipped with a handheld RFID reader or a mobile RFID reader on a cart can take a complete inventory in minutes.
  • Grocery shops - One-shot scan can be done using RFID. Everything in a consumer's grocery cart can be scanned all at once, while still in the cart-no need to remove items for check-out. This could speed things up at the grocery store.
  • Display shelves - All the items in the display shelves have RFID tags affixed to the price tags. Display case is fitted with the antenna connected to the reader. As soon as items are removed or added from the display case, inventory is automatically updated. System performs the inventory in real time. When an item is placed on this RFID-enhanced display tray, all of the complimentary accessories automatically appear.