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RFID in E-Toll

The toll operations is India is mainly manual. The traffic volume on the fast growing national highway network in the coming years necessitates introduction of Electronic Toll Collection in India.

The distinct advantage with India in adopting ETC system is there are no legacy systems unlike other developed countries. This helped to select a simple and robust ETC technology which is scalable, reliable, inexpensive to the road users and interoperable across the country. With that objective, the Government of India decided to adopt RFID based on ISO 18000-6C Standards. This system would enable a smoother thoroughfare of traffic at toll plazas by facilitating Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) and electronic collection of toll. These will implementation of nationwide RFID based ETC is interoperability and one standard across the entire toll.

This offers numerous benefits to the various stakeholders over currently practiced manual toll collection

Advantage for Road Users

Convenience for payment of toll without stopping at toll plazas.

Less traffic congestion and reduced commute times.

Toll statements which can be mailed or made available online.

Save fuel expenses.

Advantage for Toll Concessionaire

Lower Operating Costs.

Better audit control through centralized user accounts.

Expanded capacity without being required to build more infrastructure.

Save manual leakage which happens due to local employ malfunctioning.

No need to manage for cash and its safety.

Advantage for government

Savings on Fuel and Reduction of Emissions by avoiding idling and repeated stops at toll plazas.

Improved transparency of toll transactions.

Can be used for other services like parking in mall, metros.

OUR E-toll Solution has following offering-

E-toll Software Component

  • Middleware & application server
  • RFID tags issuance management software
  • Mobile tracker and auditor

Readers Hardware Component

  • RFID POS System for toll tag issuances
  • POS terminal for mobile
  • High end UHF reader