Single window Tracking and Traceability Solution

RFID in Library

Library is no longer a place to store books, periodicals, printed materials, CD/DVDs, microfilms, etc. Library is a social and community place for learning and communicating. The role of librarians remains unchanged but the tool has changed enormously. Libraries have materials arranged in a specified order according to a library classification system, so that items may be located quickly and collections may be browsed efficiently. Basic tasks in library management include the planning of acquisitions of materials, arranging the acquired materials according to the library classification, preservation of materials the de accessioning of materials, patron borrowing of materials, and developing and administering library computer systems.

Challenges faced by Libraries

  • Demand for high availability and accuracy of collection
  • Increasing theft of library documents.
  • Manual shelving of books, DVDs, audiocassettes and videos is a time consuming task.
  • Lack of Security control.
  • Manage information from wide variety of sources
  • Limited budget and staff
  • Difficulty in tracing of books & library members.
  • Poor stock verification procedures.

Role of RFID in Library

  • Simplify library items checkout and return process
  • Significantly reduces the management cost & increases efficiency.
  • Track & locate items easily
  • Enables automated book handling at check-ins, checkouts, collections inventories, book sorting and theft deterrence.
  • Reduces the time spent by staff on repetitive work.
  • Enhance security with item identification on alarm

Our RFID enabled library solution has following offerings-

  • RFID Tagging: attaching RFID tags with unique ID to library items like books, CD's etc.
  • Shelving: Using Smart Trolley, library item location can be checked & shelved accordingly.
  • Stock checking: Stock taking reader will help to perform regular stocking checking process.
  • Smart Cards: Smart cards are issued to library members for validation & even can be used to auto fine debit/collection.
  • RFID gate system: Items which passes through the exit gate without proper check out process can be identified with the raise of an alarm by reading the tags attached to the library items.
  • Self Serve Station: Self check-in/Check Out kiosk primarily for self issue and return of books in library without the assistance of library staff.
  • Book Return Station: Library materials can be returned through one or more automated drop boxes conveniently located anywhere in the library which makes returning material easy for members.
  • Auto Sorting: Using auto sorter, returned materials are sorted according to their category & location.
  • 24hrs self service library: Issue of patron cards, borrow, return, renewal can be done using this machine without the help of library staff.