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RFID in Automotive

Indian auto industry is gaining significance on the global footprint; even they started to export few products to OEM. Adoption of global best practices, ensuring the quality and manage the effective supply chain need to be taken care by auto Industries. The auto components industry is highly dependent on the OEMs. This leads to pressure from the OEMs for implementation of standards in terms of quality and delivery reliability which impacts the investments in this sector.

Also as per the Resolution GSR 207 (E) and Notification MoRTH resolution, F. No. H-25011/4/2011-P&P (Toll) Vol. II. dated 28th September 2011, all automotive companies using RFID tags for automotive e-toll collections. Since the technology is in use can have multiple other option to utilize.

There are three challenges faced by the auto industry that can be addressed using RFID technology.

Just-In-Time (JIT) Implementation

Existing RFID products in the market cover three major processes that impact automobile supply chains and can possibly address the challenges mentioned above.

Outbound and Inbound logistics can be automated, where sub processes such as generating serial numbers, commissioning and associating RFID tags with components, tracking shipments, automatically triggered advanced shipment notices can be handled by the RFID solution.

Track and Trace Process can be used to authenticate genuine parts in the supply chain and this reduces product recall liability.

Kanban Process, which has traditionally been a manual process, gets automated using RFID. It eases JIT implementation for parts manufacturers as well as OEMs.

Counterfeit Products

Close to 30-35% of the total aftermarket products sold in India are counterfeit. The monetary value of these products is expected to go up to INR 140 billion in 2015. These products look remarkably similar to the original parts as observed in the case of Bosch recently. There are three main losses associated with counterfeit products

Customer suffers due to bad quality components

OEMs lose out on rightful business and also take a hit on reputation if the counterfeit products cause problems to the customers

Indian Government loses close to USD 350 million annually on the sale of counterfeit products due to duty evasion

Increasing Insurance Premium to Cover Product Recall Liability

Globally product recalls have stretched OEM reputation as well as financials. One of the main reasons for such inflated numbers is that OEMs lack the ability to track the major components that go in making a vehicle on a per vehicle basis and thus, they are forced to recall entire product lots instead of only the faulty products.

OUR Automotive Solution has following offering-

Software Component

  • Application Server & Middleware
  • Application Software

Hardware Component

  • RFID POS System
  • Handheld Terminal
  • RFID Tags (metallic and non-metallic)