Single window Tracking and Traceability Solution

RFID Solar Module Tracking Solution As Per MNRE

The Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) under the policy of National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) by Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to make ( 2013- 100 MW, 2017-4000MW & 2022-20,000 MW, 2030 -  300 to 500 GW), so the “Automatics Traceability and Identification of PV Solar Panel” become quite critical for success of the mission. The importance of this Mission is not just limited to providing large-scale grid connected power. It has the potential to provide significant multipliers in our efforts for transformation of India's rural economy. Already, in its decentralized and distributed applications, solar energy is beginning to light the lives of tens of millions of India's energy-poor citizens.

The project was initially conceptualized to come out with a complete solution AIDC Technology for Clean Technology, were traceability and identification can be done using RFID. The superiority of RFID over Barcode make it a best fit technology to give better tracing tool to improve the ability of supply chain by enhancing its productivity, accountability and item level visibility of PV Panels for long life.

Using RFID for PV solar panels is quite a new approach for its “Traceability and Identification” as per ISO 9000 clause 7.5.3. Historically PV manufacturer use the barcode system inside the limitation and externally its specification purpose. But with the increase with Solar Mission (Generation & Commission based incentive PV plants) couple of issue was not able to accounted using bar code.

Why RFID in PV Solar Panel

Large Solar projects in India are subsidized by MNRE and is executed by Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) under VGF (Viability Gap Funding) Securitization Agreement. Also since the PPA is signed with plant owners is around 25 years. To ensure the quality of product, its proper operation and improve the domestic solar PV raw materials (cell, module) have mandate to tag each solar module need to be tagged with RFID internally or externally.

Currently barcode technology is being used which can be cloned easily, where as RFID have secure Unique ID (UID) which can’t clone. So same Solar PV module can’t use under multiple project to get subsidiary from the Govt.

Due to limitation of memory in barcode, it can’t store other performance characteristics data (voltage, current, wattage, cell & module details) of PV panel. Where as in RFID there is huge memory available which can store and sure the data for long life.

Automatic authentication of modules and its raw materials.

Electronics Delivery Proof (EDP) and better inventory management.

Unique electronics ID for each solar PV panel.

OUR Solution for PV Solar Plant

IAITO have come out with a turnkey solution of RFID for PV Solar Industry, which comprise of most advanced hardware, software solution and professional services and support. It is being used by more than 30 large scale PV module manufacturer customers across the globe.

The solution comprise of

  • IAITO PV-RFID Tracker Software –automatically integrate with Sun-Simulators (more than 20 sun simulators are all ready connect) and fetch the PV module test data to the local application server.
  • RIFI PV PLUS Automatic RFID System – It automatically reads the barcode once module is on it and write the tag inside the Module and pass signal to conveyor.
  • IAITO Mobile PV-Tracker – it ensure to re-verify the data written in rfid tags for the PV panel also have a wi-fi capability to do it at remote location.
  • Portable Onsite Reader– read the data from the RFID tags which is encoded in RFID Tag in PV Solar module.
  • RFID PV Tracker Tags- innovative designed & tested RFID tags in different environment like rain, temperature, humidity, UV Ray.

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