Single window Tracking and Traceability Solution


Manufacturing process is becoming increasingly complex. Capital goods are manufactured across multiple facilities and international boarders. Productivity, increased quality, lower cost & efficiency of production play a very important role in the manufacturing process. Each customer is in the expectation of visibility into production process &schedules. Material tracking at multiple levels throughout the supply chain is a tedious job. Manual interventions in this process will result into more time consumption & problems in the production process. Labor cost will increase. Delays due to downtime of the production will result into penalties.

Considering all these into account, RFID plays a key vital role in managing the process effectively. It improves production flow, optimize their supply chain, manage assets and increase inventory accuracy. It will bring many operational enhancements in efficiency and will help to reduce stock levels and operations costs.

  • Tracking production flow - By tagging each item manufactured provides a complete visibility need into their process, in order to track production flow in real time, and thereby identify bottlenecks so they can improve cycle times.
  • Warehouse Management &Inventory Checks- Readers attached at the entry & exit gates at the warehouse gates reads the items attached with RFID tags contained in the cartons, which will help to match the data stored at the central server with the real time data. It provides automated and accurate inventory counts. This reduces huge time of workers spend searching for specific parts or conducting manual inventory audits.

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