Single window Tracking and Traceability Solution

Solar EPC provider at Power Plant Site

IAITO also provide a complete turnkey product, solution & services for enabling RFID for PV module which are imported from different countries as per NSM & state mission guidelines. The solution will help in tracking, locating and identifying each PV Module at Plant Site. Our solutions are used in both Crystalline and Thin-Film technology.

OUR Solution for PV Solar Open project Plant

Large Solar projects in India are subsidized by MNRE and is executed by Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) under VGF (Viability Gap Funding) Securitization Agreement. Also since the PPA is signed with plant owners is around 25 years. To ensure the quality of product, its proper operation and improve the domestic solar PV raw materials (cell, module) have mandate to tag each solar module need to be tagged with RFID internally or externally.

  • RFID PV Tracker Tags – this will be tagged on each PV solar panel and the tags can work capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions like temperature, humidity, UV ray & rain etc.
    • Thin-Film Solar PV technology
    • Crystalline Solar PV technology
  • Module Data Encoding– module dataencoding as per the NSM guideline and writing it to RFID tags& report.
  • RFID Tagging on the Solar PV panel at plant site– the rfid tagging.
  • Commissioning of Plant with Nodal Agencies

Till date we have successfully done more than 25 PV solar plant integration with RFID tagging mostly in Rajasthan, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and many more. Till date we have commissioned appx. 350MW of PV solar module integration with RFID. Also Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has come out 750 MW of capacity under Phase II, Batch I of the nation's National Solar Mission (NSM) out of which we have 200MW order in hand.