Single window Tracking and Traceability Solution

Solar Nodal Agencies

IAITO also provide a consultancy solution for Central and State Nodal Agencies for Auditing and Verifying the PV Solar Modules.

We provide a complete solution which can read the RFID tags which are integrated with PV solar module (for street light, off-grid, on-grid, roof-top PV plants) and cross match with the technical specification submitted as per the project.

Till date we have helped several clients to commission more than 25 projects through our partners.

OUR Solution for PV Solar Open project Plant

Large Solar projects in India are subsidized by MNRE and is executed by Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) under VGF (Viability Gap Funding) Securitization Agreement. Also since the PPA is signed with plant owners is around 25 years. To ensure the quality of product, its proper operation and improve the domestic solar PV raw materials (cell, module) have mandate to tag each solar module need to be tagged with RFID internally or externally.

  • IAITO Mobile PV-Tracker– it ensure to re-verify the data written in rfid tags for the PV panel also have a wi-fi/GPRS capability to do it at remote location. Even it also has a advance feature to work in off-line mode.
  • Hand Held Reader–read the data from the RFID tags which is married with PV Solar module.